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Like any ailment, mental illness is distressing. Unlike physical illnesses however, mental illness has the added problem of the stigma society attaches to it. The perception of diminished mental capacity may inadvertently bring a sense of fear, resulting in negative reactions, without the compassion and understanding the public would normally show one suffering ill health. This attitude may also be
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Tension, hypertension and meditation

Several of our national newspapers reported in December 2014 that a study carried out in the University of Edinburgh, Scotland, and published in the Journal of Hypertension, reveals that Nigeria has the highest incidence of hypertension in Africa. An article titled An estimate of the prevalence of hypertension in Nigeria: a systematic review and meta-analysis by Adeloye D,  Basquill C,
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Genesis, Revelation and creation

Church founder, and author of Science and Health with key to the Scriptures, Mary Baker Eddy, insists that the Holy Bible must be understood spiritually, in order to prove the truth of its teachings practically.   A spiritual study of the books of Genesis and Revelation for example, elucidate the truth of creation. Both books have close similarities as well
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Science chrétienne : A la recherche des soins de santé de confiance

Dans l’histoire de la recherche scientifique de notre pays, la République Démocratique du Congo, l’Université de Kinshasa avait une fois conduit, Il y a environ trois décennies maintenant,   des recherches dans le domaine de soins de santé qui regroupaient plusieurs professionnels en soins de santé œuvrant dans le pays. Les recherches étaient  dirigées et conduites par  un professeur de cette
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Man, Spiritual, Material Or Both?

CHRISTIANITY, as with most religions, readily accepts that man is spiritual. Material man, on the other hand, defined by the five physical senses, is prone to sin, sickness, mortality. The Scriptures refer to this man as ‘flesh and blood’ or ‘the carnal mind’. The Bible has different accounts of creation. Genesis 1 is the spiritual record of creation, where God,
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La Science Chrétienne au village Mfuma

Nous sommes sûrs que beaucoup de lecteurs de nos articles publiés dans le Journal L’Observateur  ont vu la photo incluse dans cet article  sur facebook. Nous apparaissons sur cette  photo, mais la photo elle-même a été postée par un jeune garçon qui était présent en ce lieu. Le jeune garçon a tiré la photo, au mois d’Août 2015,  à l’occasion d’un deuil qui a eu
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The RIAT initiative [Restoring Invisible and Abandoned Trials] was launched in June 2013 to publish misleading historical clinical findings which, according to Ben Goldacre, may have been ‘unethically hidden from doctors and researchers’. Reuters, September 28, 2015 reported in an online article about the prescription drug paroxetine [paxil], used to treat depression in teenagers. According to the Reuters article, Dr.
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Dealing With Infertility

Culturally, in places like Nigeria, having children is considered one of the primary blessings of marriage. This is evident in the prayers said for couples during the wedding ceremonies. When a couple chooses to wait before starting a family, or if, for other reasons, there is a delay in getting pregnant, many concerned relatives, well meaning friends, even nosy neighbours
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Diagnostic et traitement en Science Chrétienne

Pour diagnostiquer la maladie et pour la guérir,  la Science Chrétienne ne prend en considération que la cause mentale. Alors qu’elle supprime les remèdes matériels, elle repose exclusivement sur l’Entendement divin Seul comme Principe curatif.    Et, puisqu’elle attribue à Dieu tout pouvoir, toute la force qu’a l’élément mental  est employée par  cette  Science  pour guérir tous les maux  » auxquels
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Spiritual Healing And Its Relevance For The Church

SPIRITUAL healing comes about through radical reliance on God and includes the healing of physical, mental, emotional, financial and relationship issues. But how relevant is spiritual healing for the Church today; given that congregation size, fundraising ability and technology seem the yardsticks for progress? In John 14:12, Christ Jesus says that whoever believes on Him shall do His works, and
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