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Health emergencies and the immediacy of spiritual thought

The thought of any emergency is worrisome, if not frightening, particularly when it concerns health; and many individuals of faith proactively pray specifically against emergencies, since it is true that ‘prevention is better than cure’. But what if there is an emergency, an unexpected and dire health situation for example, that requires an immediate, appropriate and effective response? Moreover, what
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Safeguarding And Safekeeping Health

The difference between safeguarding and safekeeping may be tenuous, since they are synonymous terms, however ‘guarding’ gives a sense of protection, while ‘keeping’ gives a sense of preservation. The reason for making this distinction as it relates to health is not farfetched.  The thought of safekeeping health puts the preservation in the hands of a trustworthy keeper, whose job it
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Be A ‘Doing’ Christian

MANY Christians and Bible scholars appreciate the soaring beauty, simplicity and spiritual insight of the Biblical parable, ‘The Good Samaritan’, related by Christ Jesus to a certain lawyer in Luke 10:25-37. Jesus related this parable to the lawyer, who had asked him what he needed to do in order to have eternal life. Jesus aptly told him to do what
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Grace To Forgive

GRACE has many definitions, both as a human and spiritual attribute. Humanly, it signifies poise, decorum, honour, favour and all desirable and attractive human attributes. But it is the spiritual definition of grace that enables an individual to forgive. When grace is seen as being kind or favourable to the undeserving or unworthy, it becomes evident that grace comes at
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This title may seem presumptuous, even attention grabbing and sensational, but the unassailable and obvious fact is that health issues are extremely important to mankind, which is why governments, institutions, industries and individuals devote considerable thought, energy, time and financial resources to its maintenance, sustenance, prevention and recovery. Indeed, healing is considered to be of such importance, that those charged
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le traitement spirituel donné en Science Chrétienne guérit même les animaux

Dans cette interview, le comité de publication de la Science Chrétienne en RDC, Makengo Ma Pululu fait savoir que le traitement en Science Chrétienne guérit toute situation inharmonieuse y compris les cas de maladies des bêtes et des arbres. Et, Mary Baker Eddy le faisait déjà quand elle était encore jeune allant jusqu’à guérir  les bêtes de la ferme familiale.
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Healthy Living As A Divine Right

HEALTH is a spiritual quality. In order to live consistently healthy lives, it is important to identify the principle of good health, and then base health on it. Regardless of how farfetched it seems to the five material senses, the fact is that man and the universe are governed by spiritual laws. To prove this: in describing the individuality of
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Bible & S&H feature

Comité de Publication de la Science Chrétienne pour la RDC/ Makengo Ma Pululu : « les recherches de Mary Baker Eddy s’inspiraient des enseignements de Jésus «

Les recherches et la découverte de Mary Baker Eddy sur la science chrétienne continuent à intéresser plus d’un lecteur de cette rubrique exclusive réservée à l’Eglise du Christ, Scientiste. Pour répondre aux multiples questions que les lecteurs de cette rubrique se posent sur la découverte de Mary Baker Eddy, L’Observateur est revenu dans cette interview sur cette question, expliquée  par
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Reversing the trend of chronic disease

In the February 26 issue of one of the national newspapers, it was reported that more and more Nigerians in their 30s now suffer from kidney failure. The report quotes three nephrologists as saying that the incidence of this chronic disease is growing at an alarming rate, with worrying statistics. This has been attributed to a number of varying factors
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The Bible is a spiritual resource, a treasure trove of truths that are of practical relevance to everyday life, even in the Twenty First century. Like all treasure though, the Christian must be willing to dig, study, in order to get at these nuggets which afford important instruction on how to live a good Christian life. One of such nuggets
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