Letting go of disease

Times without number, most of us have witnessed friends, colleagues or relatives holding on, almost possessively it would seem, to disease, albeit inadvertently. There is a smaller number who actually take pride in owning disease, either in order to be pitied, or to be saluted for their adeptness in managing it, and to be considered authorities when it comes to
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Winning The War On Ebola Scourge – Can Prayer Help?

WHEN the WHO representative, Rui Gama Vaz, declared Nigeria free of the Ebola virus in Abuja on October 20, 2014, there was a spontaneous round of applause by the officials present, according to a Reuters report. This is a message of hope, and certainly calls for thanksgiving, considering that the first case of the disease was in Lagos, a city
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A spiritual remedy for healing obsession

Unlike addiction where the sufferer usually believes they cannot do without a material substance, and increasingly greater amounts of it with the passing of time, obsession, though a form of addiction, is more of a mental nature. Here the sufferer is compulsively preoccupied with thoughts or feelings, in a persistent way that is not healthy, either to the one entertaining
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This warning may seem unnecessary, since no one in their right mind would make a point of purchasing ill health, yet, statistics show, quite alarmingly that many unwittingly do buy disease when they really should be enjoying good health.   The marketing of pharmaceutical drugs is big business in the major economies of the world, and in Nigeria too, yet,
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The undivided garment of Christ

The Bible is full of symbolisms which elucidate an underlying spiritual message, thereby giving mankind the spiritual understanding that would enable them live true Christian lives. Christ Jesus, the Messiah, also used parables in this way, in a bid to get his spiritual point across. Every Christian would agree that Jesus Christ is the Saviour of the world, and the
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La Science Chrétienne est un mode thérapeutique ouvert à tous

Aujourd’hui, on parle de plus en plus du mode thérapeutique de la Science chrétienne. En RDC, plusieurs personnes recourent à cette thérapeutique de la Science  pour se guérir et guérir les membres de leurs familles. Dans cet entretien, le comité de publication de la Science chrétienne, Makengo Ma Pululu nous apporte plus de précisions sur cette question. Lisez. L’Observateur : Parlons
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The feeling of sickness is like bondage. It tends to fill consciousness, crowding out every other thought. It would attempt to take over, usually keeping the sufferer awake at night. It is therefore no surprise that health, whether it is the maintenance or recovery of it, is given significant importance, not only at national and international levels, but especially at
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The fear of falling ill is an ill in itself, and if, as many are finding out, fear can predispose to illness, it becomes important to learn how to identify such invidious thoughts, and even more important to learn how to heal them. Fear is the anticipation that something really bad may happen. It could then metamorphose into a conviction
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It is natural to want to be popular, admired and good looking regardless of age or gender, although it is more apparent with young adults and adolescents. Nonetheless everyone feels a glow when they are complimented for their beauty, whether of expression, fashion sense or facial proportions. Industries such as modeling, entertainment and probably to a lesser extent, marketing, place
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Propos recueillis:Le Comité de Publication de la Science Chrétienne/Makengo Ma Pululu

Le Comité de Publication de la Science Chrétienne/Makengo Ma Pululu : « Plusieurs cas des maladies infectieuses et contagieuses ont été guéris avec assurance en appliquant les enseignements de la Science Chrétienne L’Observateur Société Aujourd’hui, les media parle de plus en plus du virus Ebola qui fait rage et terrifie des populations entières dans les milieux où la maladie causée
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