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It is written in the Gospel of Matthew 10:1 that Jesus called his twelve disciples and gave them power to cast out unclean spirits and to heal every type of disease. In John 8:31, Jesus says that anyone who continues in his word is his disciple indeed. Therefore anyone who continues in the word of Christ in the Twenty-First century,
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How natural are dietary supplements

It is becoming more and more common for individuals of all ages to take dietary supplements, especially when they are tagged ‘natural’ or ‘herbal’. These supplements are taken for a wide range of reasons, including, but not limited to, weight loss, extra energy, sexual enhancement and treatment of health conditions. One of the main attractions is that they are termed
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The prayer that heals

Ask and you shall be given’ and ‘Thy will be done’. These are two different ways of praying. Both prayers are Scriptural and valid. But in considering them, when prayer is a desire to be healed, for example, it may seem on some occasions that this prayer is not answered. And yet, there is certainly Scriptural authority to pray for
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Qualities that prompt giving to Church

It is in the interest of every member, even visitors, to give to Church. This assertion rests on what the Bible teaches about giving. Proverbs 22:9 promises that he who has a ‘bountiful eye’, who ‘gives of his bread’ to the needy, or, in this case, to the Church, shall be blessed. Love makes giving easy, and a Christian should
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l’enseignement de la Science Chrétienne est clair et accessible à tous sans exception (Interview suite et fin)

  Dans la première partie de cette page réservée à la Science Chrétienne, nous avons parlé de l’œuvre de Mary Baker Eddy, de sa découverte de la Science chrétienne.  Dans la deuxième et dernière partie de cette interview, nous parlerons avec le comité de publication de la Science Chrétienne, Makengo Ma Pululu de l’aspect scientifique de la découverte de Mary
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Forty days, fasting and Lent

ASH Wednesday heralds the forty-day season of Lent in the Christian calendar, associated with fasting and culminating in Easter – the central event of Christianity and one of its most significant liturgical festivals. The three, forty-day fasts recorded in the Bible, took place on mountains and usually preceded an important event. Exodus 34 records Moses fasting 40 days on Mount
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Quoique Mary Baker Eddy ne soit pas venue en Afrique, elle priait que les gens qui y vivent soient bien

Nous publions la deuxième partie de l’entretien avec le comité de publication de la Science chrétienne en RDC, Makengo Ma Pululu sur l’œuvre de  cette Eglise en Afrique. Dans l’œuvre de Mary Baker Eddy, laisse entendre Makengo Ma Pululu, l’Afrique avait une place de choix. Elle priait toujours pour ce continent même si l’Eglise n’était pas présente.    Makengo Ma
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Dès son enfance, Mary Baker Eddy étudiait régulièrement la Bible (1ère partie)

Dans notre rubrique réservée à la Science chrétienne du mois de Février, nous avons parlé de l’activité de la Science chrétienne en Afrique. Nous avons appris à travers cette interview que depuis sa venue en Afrique, la Science Chrétienne console et guérit des multitudes dans des familles. Pour ce mois de mars dédié à la femme, nous le consacrons à
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This radical statement, ‘Disease has no intelligence’, is a quote from Science and Health with key to the Scriptures, written by Mary Baker Eddy. The full quote is ‘Disease has no intelligence to declare itself something and announce its name’. This thought bears careful consideration, in order to check its veracity and practicality, especially as it relates to health. The
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Professor Nadia Thalmann from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, created a social robot named Nadine that looks exactly like her. This robot is humanoid because it has a human appearance, and is programmed to have moods, emotions, and remember people and conversations.  Its programming is similar to ‘Siri’, the Apple computer programme that acts like an ‘intelligent’ personal assistant. This report
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